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Subject: Transferring medical/police chk from another app
  Dear all,

I had an interview for my skilled worker exam last month and everything went very well. I was told that all that I was waiting for was my RCMP check. I have since received it and CHC London have it. The visa officer told me that once she had received the RCMP check, her assistant would send me my passport request and that would be me.

At the time of my interview, I had two applications at CHC London. A skilled worker and a common-law sponsorship. I only submitted the sponsorship application as at the time I applied as a SW my partner and I had not been living together for a year.

Anyway, as my SW application is going through, CHC London no longer need to process my other application. With the sponsorship app, I sent a medical and UK police checks.

I was told at the time that these could be transferred to my SW application as they are only 4 months old.

I have faxed London today and await a reply from them. They now have all of the docs to complete my SW application.

Any idea as to why I have received a letter asking me for uptodate police checks and to undertake a medical, when they already have these documents?

Many thanks in advance.

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