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Subject: mccee
im planning to take my mccee in sept.i need some advice on what books will help me get a good score...if someones already passed it...i do need ur help..pls tell me the books/mcq booklets u used to pass the exam----aishwarya

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For mccee you may study the book called toronto notes printed by university of toronto.web site is

I want to immigrate to Canada as Physician (in reply to: mccee)
Should I apply for immigration first and then sit MCCEE or viceversa? Please guide.Need guidance for MCCEE also.
Dr.Chandra Pal Gupta
mccee (in reply to: mccee)
i am in canada and have open work permit with me.. i have done my mbbs and wanna to work here.. kindly guide me which exams i need ta appear and the procedure.......
thank you........


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