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Subject: Health question
My wife is the principal applicant with 72 points.

My question:

I have an ongoing condition called ulcerative colitis,which is similar to irritable bowel syndrome,do you think this would jeopardise are chances of immigration to Canada?


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I think only DMPs can answer your question, try to find your DMP doctors list, book an appointment and ask him/her to be your family doctor, see if you have chance to ask question.
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Hi andj,
I am also a patient of UC and passed medical exam without any problem. No need to worry. When they ask you to go for medical tests, just stop taking steroids and other prescription drugs 3 days before medical exam. If the doctor asks for your medical history, just tell u are fine and not on any long-term prescription drug. There is no way a doctor can find that u r suffering from UC, unless they do colonoscopy or u let them know. Moreover, UC is not a contagious disease.
Take it easy.


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