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Subject: some facts about my Island
  For those immigrants wanna come to Island for retirement or simply trying to find a Pacific Northwest green space life, here are some facts for you guys.

Back to 1996, average house in Nanaimo only 120,000, not even ten years, 100% jump to today. Average house price in Vancouver Island is 280,000 dollars. If you own house, better than mutual fund, stock market. My friend?s parents own a house back to 1990 only paid about 30,000, with 360-degree ocean view. This year municipal sent them a property assessment letters indicated that it?s worth 400,000 dollars right now.

Don?t even need mention about car; I hate to say that, most of my home country people in Canada are just not smart on their financial planning. They pay too much attention into their car. Put their saving into fancy cars, which have significant higher depreciation rate than anything else. Even you can afford brand new car, why don?t you put money into down payment and buy a house? Vacancy rate in Nanaimo is only 1%, which means 100 houses only 1 cannot rent out. That?s why, even I can finance any brand new car because I have full-time job, just simply don?t want to spend money into car. Keep driving my 86 Corolla, which no Asian will give a shit, who cares? This is Canada. I am weird anyway.

Nanaimo population from 50,000 in 2002 jumped to 80,000 in 2005. You can?t even find a parking lot spot over Wal-Mart in weekend. You can see people around North America ended up home in Vancouver Island. Don?t why, seldom immigrants like me coming to the Island. Let?s say 95% people here are Caucasians here.

This is a destination for baby boomers retire. Baby boomer generation needs all kind of service, like senior care. I walked into our senior house one day, it looks like Grand Hotel, and people working there ended up 30dollars/hour. Well, government paid so much to the senior care and hospital. Can you imagine how much do I pay to municipal arena to learn my skating lessons? Only 44 dollars for eight lessons, I feel so appreciate to the recreation facility here.

I feel my city is the least crazy place I have ever been, such peaceful with good family oriented people living here. It?s the best place for retirement, having kids. Not crowed, less pollution.

Please, stop thinking about moving to Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. There are more places in Canada needs skilled workers like us.

Ok, it?s time to pick up oysters and clams over the beach with my family. Can you imagine that Canada is a place, you can actually pick up food on the beach and you don?t need worry about getting ill? I eat oyster in this areas for several years. I always joke with my girlfriend, one day if I am broke, at least I will not starve if I live in Vancouver Island. I can pick up unlimited, oysters, clams and blackberries besides Sunset Boulevard.

Wish everybody find your life in your future country and enjoy it.

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Yo dude started again....your boring need a girl mate!!
(in reply to: some facts about my Island) interesting..
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Hey..We have to dig the clams on this side of Canada!!!!
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just finish dinner with friends, served for clams and oyster,and my homemade blackberry winbe, tasted excellents.
I think only in Canada, you don´t have to worry about if you gonna get ill or what.

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