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Subject: Family Class Spouse Beijing Timeline

Is there anyone who had an experience with Beijing office? I´m sponsoring my wife to bring her here to Canada. My Sponsorship application has been approved on Feb. 22 2005 and has been sent to Beijing. Any idea when it will reach Beijing? I check online regularly but it still says Not Available. It says 50% of applications are finalized in 2 months and 80% in 4 months which looks very encouraging compared to many other offices. But I was hoping atleast it would show "In Process" or something cause ´Not Available´ looks scary to me.


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Here is my timeline

22-7-04 applied in Mississauga
23-8-04 approved in Miss.
1-9-04 my wife´s file received in Beijing
6-9-04 my wife received a letter requesting her Quebec Selection Certificate (I live in Quebec) and requesting HER PASSPORT.
20-10-04 approximate date - Beijing received the Quebec Sec. Cert. from Quebec. It took a little time but it was because of one of my mistake
26-10-04 my wife received her passport with the visa inside
17-1-05 landed in Vancouver
... happy in Quebec since then

As you see, everything went smootly. But everything was proven and true.

Good luck to you

Less worried husband
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I forgot something. When you look e-client, the number you must type is YOUR number, and not your wife´s number. The number written on the letter they sent you to tell you your sponsorship had been approved.
Less worried husband
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Thanks Less Worried Husband,

I am anxious to join your rank and ASAP. Just checked the website it says In Process! Just a quick question for you and anyone in the know. I am the representative for my wife and I´m just wondering if that adds an extra time in the processing. As I expect, the Immigration has to correspond with me or they have some sort of a fast track system between the CIC offices(example: Bejing makes the decision, Mississauga notifies me from within Canada- much faster)



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Only 6 days to make the decision?! The Beijing office rocks! My wife´s decision has probably been made already ´cause it was saying ´In process as of March 1´

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I was the representative for my wife. But for a reason I didn´t know, it seems that they could not find the representative letter and could not give me any inform. on the phone when requested. It is not longer if you are the representive.

If your relation is genuine and you proved it, everything will go very fast, specially if you do not live in Quebec and do not need this CSQ.

Please keep me informed. I would really like to know about you. BTW, my wife really likes Canada and Quebec. She has to learn French but her improvement with the two languages is impressive.

Good luck

Less worried husband
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I also live in Quebec but my wife lives in the Philippines.
I just received a letter that I met Federal requirements for elegibility as a sponsor. They said that they have now forwarded my application to both Quebec and the Visa Office in the Philippines.

My question: You said that your wife received a letter from Quebec that had to be signed. I thought you would receive the form in Quebec and then you would have to fill your form. Another section of the form would then be sent by you to your wife to be signed by her. Then once you received your wife´s signiture, you would then send it to Quebec. Get it?

Also, how did you know of the dates you mentioned? Example, that Beijing received the copy from Canada. Did they send you a letter confirming this?

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