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Subject: real marriage 2
  Hello guys

This is my second question.

I asked some advise in the below ´real marriage´.

Some one asked me where I was from.

I am from Korea (main applicant: skill worker class).

My wife is from Uzbekistan.

We met in Korea, as she came to Korea to marry ex-huz.

But, she divorced from ex Korean huz.

As our marriage is second one for my wife and all her family has lived in Uzbekistan, we didn´t have wedding ceremony.

But, we register our marriage in Korea and Uzbekistan legally.

But, the problem is we just had date for one month(after one month, we´ve lived together), and no wedding ceremoney, we don´t have wedding photo, but, have many our photos for our daily life.

Because I am a just permanant resident of Korea, I know it´s impossible to proceed my wife family class immigration outside of Canada.

So, I´ve planed to go back to Canada and at the same time, my wife will go back to Uzbekistan while her family class immigration is progressed.

Pls, be advised what kinds of evidence we need except daily life photos?

And I also wonder our marriage can look fake??

Our marriage is not fake!!!

here is my first question .....
hello guyes

I need some advise from you.

I met my wife through the internet in Jan 2004, and

We have lived together since Mar 2004.

I am a permanent resident of Canada and we got married Dec 2004.

As we just had date for a month before living together, we don??t have other evidence except photo.

besides, we just resistered our marrige, no wedding ceremony, as this is my wife??s second marriage and not enough money.

In my case, what kinds of evidence we prepare for my wife??s family class immigration?

massege (in reply to: real marriage 2)
hi manger
am sudanese and live in egypt what help make it to me to go to canda

(in reply to: real marriage 2)
You have lived together for a year now. In the application for permanent residence for your wife please provide proof that you did live together eg bills, lease agrements, joint bank account any document that puts you together with your wife.

The more proof you provide the better chances you have.

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