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Subject: Calling Paris & RPRF payment

I read in a posting once that sharon had to call the embassy in Paris. I am wondering what number she called since the normal immigration number is just a recording. I am still having a problem with my payment of the RPRF online in February and obviously then haven´t opened my envelope yet in Mississauga. I received today in the mail a letter from CPC Missisauga that I have 30 days to pay the fee. But I have already paid, my credit card charged and I can not call the call centre number since it doesn´t work from Europe. The only other way to talk with someone would be calling Paris. If anyone has any other ideas for how I can contact anyone, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I faxed Paris my copies of the online payment to Paris on Sunday evening

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Any correspondence should be addressed to the :

Canadian Embassy
Immigration Section
37, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Phone: (33)
Fax: (33)

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