pending application of 2000, need solution

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Subject: pending application of 2000, need solution
  OCTOBER 2000)Had applied to CHC damascus Syria and got AOR and advised not to contact before 24 months.
(November 2002)sent Fax for status
( November 2002) advised to wait until february 2003 & send fax again in February 2003.
(Feb 2003) Sent fax again for Status.
(Feb 2003) Advised me to fullfill the requirements under new law and advised me to send 1 and 3 schedule within 4 months I had submitted the forms and also I fill application of my child and my wife and pay the sum of
CAD $ 700 , as Fee.. after one month I received the receipt of fee.
(august 2003) I also submitted the TRANSCRIPT OF IELTS that have been received by me in the mid of (August 2003).
Earlier i submitted (to embassy) the English Language proficiency certificate instead of IELTS because I could not get the test date of IELTS.
(January 2004) I received letter from Embassy in reply to my fax about the status of my application, they said that your case Is still under study.
(september 2004 ) File has been transfered to CHC islambad due to program intergrity as I AM CITIZEN of PAKISTAN.
( September 2004) got letter to submit original documents and ielts within 90 days
(January 2005) Documents submitted in originals
Employment organization changed new reference letter sent to CHC Islamabad on 02 march 2005.

I Applied as industrial Instrument Technician N.O.C = 2243 and have WES evaluation= diploma of 2 years from recognized community college in (electronics).
and also 2 year apprenticeship as Industrial Instrument Technician.
Ielts Band Score 6.0..
working since 1996
btech (pass) electronics degree in 1999

Please let me know why it took so long ??
how much time does a file takes to be processed after
getting originals documents?
why they transferring files??


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