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Subject: obtaining caips notes
  Please let me know in details that how can any one get CAIPS if he/she lives outside canada but have relatives and friends in Canada.
1. Which Forms does he/she requires to fill?
2. Is there any fees?
3. Whats the address to send and how?
4. Any thing happens to application in bad way?

I hope you will provide the information to learn about
obtaining CAIPS.

waiting for response.

Donald Duck
(in reply to: obtaining caips notes)
1) Fill out the form. Complete the form TBC 350-57 found here http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/tbsf-fsct/dwnld/350-57_e.pdf

2) Ask your relative/friend to write a cover letter saying that he/she is requesting CAIPS notes on your behalf under the Access to Information act. Ask him to also mention your name, date of birth, file number and visa post (Buffalo) where you applied from in this letter. The CAIPS notes will be sent to your relative and then he/she can send you the information.
3) You relative will have to provide proof of residence in Canada e.g. photocopy of PR card, visa etc.
4) Ask your relative to send money order of C$5 along with the form, cover letter and his proof of residence to the given address.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Narono Building
360 Laurier Avenue West, 10th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1
Tel: (613) 957-6512
Fax: (613) 957-6517

Your relative/friend should get the notes in 1 month.

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