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Subject: Annulment and PR Status (Ontario)
  I was married for a period of 8 months (May, 2001-Feb,2002). My wife and I
filled out a separation agreement almost 2 years back.

She is now requesting for Annulment, now I was sponsored by her via Inland
Spousal. If we get annulment or request one would this have any effect on my
PR status. I have been PR for 2 years and about to apply citizenship

In addtion, what is easier, annulment or divorce?

We have no disputes, and how should we go about it. There is a Self-Kit on
the interent to download, is it safe to do that.

Thank you

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Sorry, I don´t have an answer for you but would like to know what is Annulment.
Thanks for your help.

anullment (in reply to: Annulment and PR Status (Ontario))
we got married on the 2nd day of july this year. i am physically and emotionally stressed out and presently having physio therapy in this reason-this is mentally and emotionaly in its origin. his son moved in with us on the first week of september and i wish i could have enjoyes being newly wed. thinhs are really roughr and i would like to have our life back. my husband don´t care regarding our relationship and i have to decide- i want anullment of marriage. help.
annulment procedure (in reply to: Annulment and PR Status (Ontario))
hello, been married 9 days never lived together and want out of this marriage was under the influence of narcotics at time of the ceremony, wondering how I could go about having this annuled
kathleen dupuis
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