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Subject: illegal working in canada
  I am living Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.. last month, i got a job in a chinese restaurant. Then I found some people (waitress and busboy) there are visa student who don´t have working permit to work in canada..
the name of the restaurant is "Great Buffet of China" . it is a big restaurant .

I think it is really unfair to canadian citizen or PR b/c
those visa student get paid without paying any tax.
I can´t think out any reason those visa student deserve getting income without paying any tax.

I want to report this situation to a govnernment office, but i don´t know which department I should contact to .

Thank a lot for your help

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Under certain circumstances, student visa holders can work outside campus.

Until your complaint goes through, they could be working elsewhere or perhaps not working. In either case you will need their Client ID´s and that too can be ingored by Immigration department.

In addition, one has to prrove that they are actually getting paid, as opposed to just merely helping in the restaurant.

Don´t bother to complain, atleast they entered the country with proper papers and paying high-tuition fees as opposed to people who fake refugee claims and enjoy other benefits

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Leave the poor students alone! They already enough economic problems.

Report the resturant for the TAX fraud.

You can report the matter online to Reporting Economic Crime Online (RECOL), which is an initiative that involves an integrated partnership between International, Federal and Provincial Law Enforcement agencies, as well as, with regulators and private commercial organizations that have a legitimate investigative interest in receiving a copy of complaints of economic crime.


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dear Jin,

Please get a life and leave the poor students alone, they are just trying to make aliving and pay those higher tuition fees, you probably have no idea how much the university cost since you are legal and work in a restaurant, or you r just jalous from the ambition of these people, the world won´t stop because they r not paying taxes.
get over it and get a life

jhon smith
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I know you are also from China. Why are you so tough to those poor students? Be a nice person. Those poor students just want to make living.
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The best thing you can do about it is to shut up and live your life. This is not China where spying on other people will help you get favours back from the governement. This is Canada and there are people getting paid to detect these kind of fraud.
If you don´t have girlriend (or boyfriend or family) to spend time with, go find yourself one (or more). And do your job according to the job description.
No more no less! Live your life. Enjoy it. Don´t be a trouble maker.

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They pay up to six times what u pay for tuition , so leave those folks alone . They have ambition , dreams,courage and anyone who has those deserve the big life. by the way do u think u r so different from them , china boy ?
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you´re so funny Jimmy. hehehe.. Ya Jing, get a life. If you don´t have one , then get a girlfriend. If you don´t like girls, then get a boyfriend. If you still can´t get a boy, get a prosti. If you still can´t get a prosti even if you pay them, then subscribe to a porn site and touch yourself.
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did you ever think that if government shuts down the restaourant - YOU loose your job too? I bet you didn´t

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First of all i canīt undernstand how you got a legal residence in that wonderfull country. The way you write shows that you can barelly speak english. Son leave those guys alone and get a life.
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they just want to living. do you think they feel good. many canadians are just lazy bone. they just don´t want to work and ask for money from goverment. illegal pay tax while they buying something you think they didn´t paying any tax for goverment? outside are many jobs for canadians maybe they just don´t want it and illegal have no choice.
stupid think about people!