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Subject: Citizenship question
I am a landed immigrant (from the U.K.) I have lived in Canada for 40 years and married an Canadian Citizen 16 years ago - does this automatically make me a Canadian Citizen too?
Mary Richards
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You need to apply for citizenship. you need to stay in the country for a total of 3 years after becoming an permanant resident...

This makes you eligible to apply for citizenship. After that you ahve to write the citizen ship test, take the oath and after that you become a citizen of Canada...

The whole process can take upto 8-10 months depending in the city you are staying... In Toronto its about 8-10 months time... smaller cities and in other provinces the time may be less... check with local offices...

Being in Canada doesnt make you autmatically a citizen of the country...
Good Luck...

Harshal Soni
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Hello Harshal,
When you say "total process time", do you mean from the time you send the application to taking the oath of citizenship? The 8-10 month timeframe you mention differs from what CIC posts on their website for Application Processing Time (15-18 months) for a routine application.

I am in Montreal and will apply this November for citizenship. If what you say is true, that is great news for me.


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