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Subject: Money I need to carry
I am planning to be in Canada for my first visit after getting the Immigration visa. I am planning to be in canada for about 6 weeks. In this case -
a. How much money would i need to bring along. (My wife and 2 kids are coming with me)
b. Can i carry the money in cash or i need travelers cheques etc.

Thanks in anticipation

Amit Kapoor
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figure $2-300 a day if you are staying in a hotel. do not carry cash. maybe 1-200 for your first day for sundry items or taxis. American Express travellers cheques should be accepted anywhere you go.
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You better carry some travelers checque and some cash as sharon said . But hotels are not that expensive here , depends where you want to land . You can check some websites like , etc . when I came to ottawa . I was also in a hotel , it was 120 cad/day . food is cheap here . don´t worry .
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Get some Cash and get some in Travellers cheque...

You dont want to be encashing your travellers check for some small transactions...

Hotels will accept TC. Looking for cheap accomodations... look online and check for some good deals... using an agent will bring down the prices rather then paying full prices if booked directly at the hotels...

I dont know where you are coming so cant be more specifinc about this...

Harshal Soni
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