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Subject: Notarizing in US - Help please
  I am in midwest and I want to notarize my work documents.
I believe CIC wants the photocopy documents notarized as true copies.
However, I checked with few notaries in my state and I was told that Notaries are not authorized to issue true copy documents and only authorized to verify a signature.

Has any one who applied from US please help on the approach that was followed for notarizing the photocopies?

Can we write ourself "True copy of the original" in the photocopy and sign it and get it notarized by the notary (notary signature and seal).

Please help. Thanks very much.

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That´s what we have done. the notary public asked us to write this sentence in front of him on the copy "this is a true copy of the original document.´, we then signed it and he natorized. we´re right now waiting ofr our PP request.
good luck to you.

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Ask your bank. Most of the big banks in the US have notary service which they do for free. That shall reduce the cost on notorizing a bunch of documents. I must have saved at least 100-150 dollars there alone as I had a lot of documents in multiple pages for notary.
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Check witg your local courthouse (county, city). We got all our documents notarized there.
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I was under the impression that only certain documents had to be notarized, such as birth certificates and college transcripts. Can someone specify what has to be notarized vs. just a copy (such as a copy of one´s passport).
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