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Subject: Interview Schedule Questions (for Sanrup) --
  Sanrup buddy,

You are really helping us out here.One question to you,I got a letter from CIC,Buffalo that I am required to give interview.

Is there any way I can request them to reconsider there decision cause I have submitted my IELTS results afterwards?

What are the cuurent timelines for Interview after initial assessment?


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Hi there,

There is no way one can revert back the decision.

Nothing to worry - most of the times interviews are held for some clarifications. The officer would try to evaluate the facts you provided by asking details. In some cases, officer wants to make sure about communication level.

I am re-iterating: There should be a small reason. Be confident. Be prepared with all the required documents.
If you have not mailed the IELTS results then take along with you.

Now, before your scheduled interview; the file will be transfered to the nearest location to your address. Meaning, if you are living in and around NY then your place of interview will be NY Office. One can not say anything about interview schedule/timing before knowing where you live presently.

Good luck.

One more question (Sanrup) (in reply to: Interview Schedule Questions (for Sanrup) --)
Thanks for the answer for my previous question.
One more question,I am located in NY area.I have received my initial assessment on 13-MAY-2004.

So what could be my tentative interview dates?

What is the effect of interview on total timelines?I mean if I would have got interview waiver,then how much it would have reduced my total timeline.


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Hi Kumar,

Just try this link -

In case of interview waiver, you obviously save the waiting time for interview and post interview formalities.

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