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Subject: Spouse Sponsership
  I´d applied on spousal sponsership ( in Canada) In December 2004. Though E-status saying that my application is in process but I did not get any letter from Vegreville yet. Does someone know if they send any AOR or something? when I can apply for my SIN or Work Permit as I have some handsome job offer. Is there anyone under spousal sponsership in Canada Class??
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I´d applied on spousal sponsorship(in Canada)In Jun.2004.
My e-status saying that my application is still in process.
And medical result has been recieved and they sent me a letter for police check(I don´t know exactly name).....
Now I have received a work permit visa.....
Anyway I´ m still waiting it...

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Hi There!

Can you please share your time line? did you mean that you apply in JUNE 2004? and still in Process? normallt they give Visa in 5-6 months and in your case it seems almost 9 months over. Did you submit your Police clearing certificate? From which country you are?

Please share.

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They sent me a letter on Nov.2004 and they said ´It has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanet resident status as a Member of the Spouse of Common Law Partner in Canada Class.´

I sent a Police Certificates on 1st.Feb.2005(South Korea) with The Right of Permanent Residence Fee of $975.00.
Also my visitor visa was expired on end of Feb.2005.
Now I have a work permit for 1year

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