Delay in Acknowledgment&Receipt of Application

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Subject: Delay in Acknowledgment&Receipt of Application
  Hi Members,
I applied for Canadian permanent visa-skilled worker category on 1-1-05.Till this date I have not received any acknowledgement or receipt.Canadian high commission -India website says it may take upto one year to send receipt of application and if we make enquiry before that it may adversely effect the processing of my application.
But my problem is I have send the original IELTS test result along with the application as per the instruction and as you may aware British council only issue one original .Besides that I am worried and with out acknowledgement not sure whether my application reached there or not.
please help me by suggestions.

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There is no reason to panic.

If the web-site says such they will do so like that. I hope you sent the application by certified mail and have confirmation of reciept.

Did you not keep a copy of the IETLS? You should normally keep a copy of your "entire" application package for future ref.

You can also check when they encashed the draft for application.

Other than that I´m afraid if they have asked to wait you´d just have to keep faith and wait.

Best of Luck

enquiry (in reply to: Delay in Acknowledgment&Receipt of Application)
resp sir
i have submited my form in jan.2003 in canadian embassy of ghana.through MR.Ayankogbe.but from 2 years i am not in nigeria.He is not giving us any satisfactory reply.i dont know the present stage of my file.can you help us.

thank you
MR sharad saxena

s.r saxena
acknowlegment receipt of my application (in reply to: Delay in Acknowledgment&Receipt of Application)
Hi sir,

It is been six months since I applied as skilled worker in canada in an immigration status. According to CIC cebu I can received the reply from Nova Scotia within two to three months. But unitl today June 10, 2010, I did not receive any information. If we can recall I paid my bank draft and courier fees last November 24, 2009. My querry now is, Is my papers rich to Nova Scotia? Please help me.

Thank you very much for spending your time in reading this request.

VEry truly yours,


Dr. Catalino G. Macaron Jr
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