Criminal, gangs made crime during their remove ord

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Subject: Criminal, gangs made crime during their remove ord
  how comes those people under remove order, can still make so much crime and walk on the street freely, do they suppose to remove?

you guys can watch these documentaries, one similar thing, they are all down by those people who claim and fight for the remove order.

this guy is a identity thieft and made mortgage fraud, had successfully stolen so many houses in Canada.

There, a gang of Eastern Europeans mostly from Romania was installing false fronts on bank ATMs - complete with miniature cameras and false card readers. Treating it like big business, these crooks were hitting dozens of machines at the same time and making a fortune. At one point it´s estimated the thieves had pocketed $4 million.


One thing I want to say, I am applying immigrantion too, however, it seems that CIC policy is too loose for some people. I am not targeting any national, however, Canada is like a honesty family and invited so many people for dinner party, once they came, they beat their host and insist to occupy the host´s house, how comes they still have rights to fight for stay and we are waiting here????

by the way, enjoy the show.

I like CTV W-5, those kind of media freedom is great in Canada!!!

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