Nake true?it's not over

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Subject: Nake true?it's not over
  After former Immigration Minister Judy Sgro got caught up in what was dubbed "Strippergate", the government announced that a federal visa program that allowed foreign strippers into Canada had been cancelled. But is the program really gone for good?

I feel shock after I watched this documentary.
too terrible to describe, please watch the program.

see how cic and some Canadian night clubs ruined some many foeign girls family.

Depature Bay
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Accept the fact that Canada is not up in heaven but here on earth where there is evil anywhere. If there is evil, expect suffering to break in.
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New Minister faced with so much evidence that those girls who got visa and came here to get torture, however, he refused to admit they are strippers.

Face with reporters question, he admitted CIC only cares about security and medical issues, never care about how working conditions.

Exotic dancer program is not over; they just changed into HRDC process.
I feel so bad after watch this shows. Canadian girls don??t want to be strippers, and then just import slaves (21st century, lock people, torture, rape, took away passport, death threaten) and federal minister just doesn??t give a shit. ??They are dancer.??

You know what? Same as Air India bomb, because this is not majority white society??s issues, no people gonna care.

Luckily, in the program we can see that Canada has media freedom and freedom of speech, journalist can go to challenge federal minister without fear.

Departure Bay
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Dear Departure Bay... the world is cruel - including Canada. It is not always about colour but rather about greed and money. The trafficing of woman and children is a ugly reality that is found all over the world. I wish it made other people as distressed as it did you. Hopefully programs like you watched will help bring light to this issue and change the laws not only in Canada but internationally.
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