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Subject: never giving up
  if new immigrants were like the little birds outside my window today... there would be success for everyone.

Each year I have a pair of Finches that think my patio would make a nice home. Perhaps years back there was a spot for a nest but it is gone now. For days now, the little birds come as a pair to check out all the potential places that they could build their future. they try and try... stop for a rest, and then try again. I can see them talking to each other and investigating every possible opportunity. Today, I even see them attempting a nest in the most precarious place. The twigs and leaves they are bringing are falling down as fast as they put them in place... but they keep trying.

There are lots of spots that I would think are a better home for them...but they have chosen this spot to call home for the season. What do they think is so great about my patio? I wish I could help them somehow.

Maybe this is not an immigration story in the purest sense... but as I watch the nest being errected, I cannot help but think that if a pair of Finches can make a life just about anywhere... why can´t we! If we worked as hard as those little birds, nothing could stop us.

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hi sharon,

thanks for the prose. it really made my day. i know one day i am coming home (Canada) to enjoy peace and freedom where I can´t even have a taste today where i am at.


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Sharon..... that is so nice.....

next tell me when my postman will bring me my passport request.........

I hope dudes at buffalo get these birds at their office....

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Thanks Sharon,
But those birds don´t need to deal with CIC, they don´t have to undergo background security check, they don´t have to do medicals, they don´t have to be interviewed, they don´t have to be kicked out of visa officer´s office, they don´t have to put their life in hold to build up their nest, they dont have to, they don´t have to, they don´t have to..... etc.

Heaven can´t wait.

Thanks Sharon and keep us full of hope, u r a great person. I really envy your fiancee for u.

God bless u.

Romantic Warrior
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no... they do not have to deal with CIC... just the wind, the crows, the cat, gravity, and me!
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Those are more easier than heartless CIC.
Romantic Warrior
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if you ask the birds... they might disagree. :)
Sharon (in reply to: never giving up)
Thanks sharon, that was really inspiriing and truly the birds would disagree. I think CIC would be seen as a more smaller threat when view thorugh their (the birds) eyes to gravity, crows and cats. :)
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