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Subject: Yesssss!!
We got our AOR today!

Applied in Buffalo as Skill Worker December 6.
Application received December 13.
Money order cashed December 17.
AOR emitted March 14.
AOR in our!!

I hope everybody gets what is waiting for soon.

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Good for you!!


it is not the end,
it is not only end of the beginning,
it is only beginning to the end.

I can´t even imagine how excited you´d be at getting the request for passport!!

Have all the fun on this journey - you´d get to do it only once; and once over you´d laugh over it.

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Sorry typo above... it should read...

It is not the end,
It is not even the end of the beginning,
It is only the beginning to end.


Correct Quote (in reply to: Yesssss!!)
The correct quote is:
Its not the end
Its not even the begining of the end
But its the end of the begining.

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Dude Parag... that is Sir Winston Churchill... I really did not want to use exactly what Churchill Dude used...

It is Sir *****´s own quote.... Peace Dude....

Anyways What is in a Quote...?? Now don´t tell me someone else said something similar to that!!

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Thanks for your replay ******
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nothing exciting. save your energy until you receive your final approval and passport request. you still have a long way to go. i already waited 14 months.

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