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Subject: E-Status
We all know it never works.... but just for kicks wanted to find out how many times a week do we all go check it.

I almost do it daily.

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Starting March 01, 2005, I am under Intensive E-client Therapy (IET). My current frequency of checking stands at about 8.9 cpd (checks per day).

The reason for this is : I will be in the eighth month after medicals soon !!!

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I think you need to redo your medical because of this syndrome :-) So do I!
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We all doooooo.
This is my 5th month since medicals.....

Hope Canada accepts us sane, well worth every penny that we are....

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before i check ecas every twice a day. now mainly only check 3 times a week. because i know if nothing is updated on monday, there will be no change for the whole week. even you see medical received from your ecas, it doesn´t mean you will receive pp request soon. i saw someone in this forum didn´t receive pp request 9 months after he saw his ecas change to medicals received.

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