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Subject: Additional medical Test
  We just received a call from our immigration attorney saying health Canada asked for more medical test for my spouse. Does anyone has an idea what type of medical test they can ask for. he is medically fit. We can´t wait to receive those documents in our hands. In the mean time I am requesting if any of you had similar experiences?

Does it going to have any effect of the prinicipal applicant if the spouse fails the additional medical test?

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Not to worry.

Sometimes X-Rays need to be looked at again - happens because the technician is not trained enough, or you moved when these are taken.

It happened with me as well - the usual tech was not there and someone else took my XRays. Within few days clinic called me again apologizing that XRays were not clear. So I did not have to waste time and money.

Insist on NOT PAYING again if it is an XRay issue.

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