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Subject: Visitors visa rejected

My parents submitted their visitors visa documents to VFS mumbai, but unfortunately their visa got rejected, saying they did not show enough proof of their family-ties back in India. If they were to re-apply, what are the chances of them getting the visa? Also, do you think it is better to go through an agent or a lawyer?

Please advice.


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a lawyer would not help. you are caught in the same situation many others are... CIC is seeing little motivation for your parents to return home at the end of their visit and CIC does not want to risk having your parents overstay their visa - becoming illegal.

do your parents own property, have a business in India that would prompt them to return? They have to find a way to prove they will go home.

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A good way is to present a good case. Have them at least book their ticket (not buy) to show when they want to come and go back.

Also a letter from you undertaking their visit helps. This shows that you and your parents really are planning this as a visit.

Last but not the least documents such as property, bank statements, retirement accounts in India itself.

If all fails - then I guess only thing that remains is to actually sponsor them for PR. It is sad that so many PRs actually happen not because they want a PR but out of no other option to keep in touch with their family, as in your case.

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Thankyou for the instant reply. Actually, we did send all the possible documents both from our side and their side, from bank statements, flight tickets (including the return tickets) to property documents and pension documents. We are very disappointed this did not work out :(
The only thing we can think of now is to re-apply for their visa. Do you think going to Delhi and having a face-to-face appointment with the Consular officer will make a difference? Any other solution?

Please help.

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were you intending to have your wife return home to her country at the end of her visit? If you say yes... very few of us would believe you. Obviously neither did CIC
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