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Subject: What is the key.
  Hi Guys,

What is the key? It is getting immigration visa stamp or landing in Canada before 1 year expiration of Medicals. Or it is both.


App. received : Aug 2003
AOR : Aug 2003
IA: May 2004
Medicals: June 2004
Documents : Aug 2004
RPRF Req: March 2005
Pass Req: Pending

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Bottom line is that you have to land in Canada before the expiry of the visa.

Generally the visa is valid till the expiry of the medical exam (June 2005 in your case) OR the expiry of your passport - which ever is earlier.

If your passport request is very close to the expiry of medicals the immigration officer has the discretion to
1) Grant you a couple of months to land in Canada OR
2) Ask you to appear for medical again.

All you can do is wait till you get passport request and see what is the validity of your visa.

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