HELP!! Further Documents After IA ?

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Subject: HELP!! Further Documents After IA ?
  I received IA in Feb 2004,from buffalo and been informed that file is transferred and an interview is needed for me at DETROIT.I would like to know what other documents i should be prepared to submit CIC buffalo.

what i mean is, do i need to show them Proof of funds, ROLF etc... and also i have send them PCC when i applied it has been almost an year, so do u think its better for me to apply again for PCC, moreover i havent left the country(Canada) all through the process.

I am waiting for my CAIPS tooo.

Any suggestion´s or advice??

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I would get a fresh PCC and proof of funds just in case.

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Hi Nivas, you are in Canada,and have applied in Buffalo, what visa will you be travelling to US on for Interviw , will it be easy for you to get one ,let me know , I might
eventually end up in a similar situation as yours, please
let me know.


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Hi brian,

For the interview i shall be going on visitior visa (B1/B2), which i currently have it for 10 yrs.

If you are currently in canada on a valid permit, i suggest you to apply for a visitor visa now, which they might give anywhere between 6 months - 10 yrs.

For other details of visa and process just see yesterday´s simrans posting "visiting visa for US" US visa.

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sorry its "visit to US"
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Hi Nivas I am in US right now , but not sure will be here
by the time my application is processed, since my H1 limit will be over, what do you suggest, shall I get to Canada after my H1 in US on a student visa and then apply to
US for visitor visa from canada to get my passport stamped, please advise


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Hi Brian,,

Its hard for me to give u advise in ur case, ´coz im not sure if Canada people wud give you student visa,(Off late there have been rejecting considerable visas, thou from India), next off all even if you cud manage to get student visa for canada, for getting US visitor visa from here, you should show them strong ties with canada and your home country( which i suppose is india),say you might have to complete atleast 2 terms of education before appearing for US visa, and shud let them know that you are not keen in settling in US.

I shall mention you one Instance, Thou its not related to your case,There was a pakistani Gal who was on H1 in US for 3 yrs and to get it extended again she came to canada ( she was employed in a very good company in US on a payroll) and hired a top lawyer for getting her H1 visa, but The US embassy in Toronto, outrightly rejected her application, and asked her to appear for visa from her home country.

Its really hard to say to whom they are gonna give visas!!

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