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Subject: Saudi Arabia - Police Clearance
  We just got our pre-approval for the Canadian Immigration. We have been asked to submit the police clearance from Saudi Arabia. We are given to understand that the Saudi government do not help in this regard. Any thoughts on how do we obtain the police clearance from saudi governemnt. Thanks ---- Uma
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If you have applied through Buffalo RPC, then it is NOT YOUR SCOPE TO PROVIDE PCC. Buffalo RPC will inquire on your behalf.

If you have not applied through Buffalo RPC then you have to ask the directions from the particular CIC. As far as I know, CIC will inquire behalf of you.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. We have applied thro´ Buffalo RPC and they have asked for Saudi Police Clearance. We contacted the Saudi Embassy at US, but were informed that they cannot help us in this regard.


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I have filed Sep 2002 in Buffalo. I received a letter a few day ago stating that my filed was just transferred to the Canadian Consulate General in New York. I was asked to submit my medial but I was NEVER asked for any Police of FBI Clearance. Should I get one in anticipation of my interview (Not scheduled yet?)


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Dear Uma ,

I am in the same Situation , I got medicals with Police Clearance for me & My Wife Unfortunatly I did not find any place here from where I can get it .

If You done some solution please let me know on my email

I will be very thankful to you


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Dear Anwer:
Uma´s message is over a year old.
I am currently going through the exact dilemma you are going through.

After my medical, I received a letter from Canadian Immigration requesting Saudi Police Certificate for my wife & I for the period we stayed in Saudi. We have left Saudi Arabia over 8 years ago and hence do not have a valid Saudi Residence Permit (Iqama).

I tried the following:
- Contact Saudi Embassy where I reside (Europe) and got the response that they have np precedence & can not help in this regard.
- Got someone to visit Saudi Authorities in Riyadh to obtain procedure... no luck there either
- Contacted Saudi Law Firms in both Riyadh & Jeddah for advise... no response yet.
- Surfed the web and found an interesting statement in CSIC website It is apparent that Saudi Police Certificates are not issued to people with expired Iqamas (Residence Permits). What confuses me is how come Candian Authorities requested the same then... I presume it must be an administrative procedure where a clerk goes through a checklist.

Pleae note if you still reside in Saudi Arabia you should be able to obtain Saudi Police Certificate.

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we are aslo supposed to submit police clearence
the canadian letter advised us to contact
Ministry of interior KSA (Kingdom of Saudia Arabia )

the following things would be helpful in getting police clearence from saudia arabia :

Ministry of Interior
H.R.H. Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Minister
H.R.H. Prince Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Vice Minister
H.R.H. Prince Mohammed Bin Naif Al-Saud, Assistant Minister for Security Affairs
Dr. Suliman Al-Mazroa, Deputy Minister for District Affairs
P.O. Box 2933
Riyadh 11134
Tel: 966-1-401-1944/401-1111
Fax: 966-1-403-1185/403-3614

Ministry of Interior
Minister: H.R.H. Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz
Al Saud
P.O.Box 2993, Riyadh 11134
Tel: 401-1944
Fax: 403-1185
Make an application in the name of Ministry of Interior
K.S.A, giving them the reference of the Canadian embassy letter. Attach with
this application the available documents such as :

- Photocopies of passport preferably with Saudi Visa and the date of final
- Service certificate from Minsitry of Agriculture and Water
- Photocopy of Iqama if available.

Make this application get it translated into Arabic and get it stamped from
the ministry of foreign affairs from ur local city .

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I have an approved petition going to USA. I am asked to get a police clearance from Saudi Arabia where I worked/resided for 4 years (1994-1998). I am currently residing here in Philippines. Where can I apply? What is the procedure? How can I get one? Your immediate reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Lito De Torres
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i am living in dammam since 1998 up to now,im applying to australia for skilled migrant,now the australian migration agent required me police clearance in saudi arabia,where it possible to take a police clearance?and what is the full requirement to take a police clearance.
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I am working in Saudi Arabia for the last two years.
I have already applied for Canadian immigration. Now the Canadian High Commission asked me for police clearance certificate in KSA. In this regard I contacted police department. In reply they told me that they do not issue such type of certificate. So how can I get a police clearance certificate in KSA.
Thanks and regards.
Qasim Jan

Qasim Jan
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I`m presently residing in uk. i worked in KSA for 3yrs. I already applied for usa immigration. Now I need police clearance certificate for my immigration purposes. Hwow can i get a PCC from KSA. KINDLY RESPONSE TO MY MAIL PLSE.
priya jose