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Subject: TIME LINE!!!!
  Can any body share my time line:
Category:Skilled Worker Class
1.Applied in Buffalo:July 9 2004.
2.Application recieved by Buffalo:July 12 2004.
3.Got AOR:Aug 10 2004.

When I can expect my IA???If anybody gives me some good idea abt this time line it will be great.

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Generally between 8-12 months..rest Khuda knows. You can browse through this forum and see people´s timelines.
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My time line is almost same as yours.(Buffalo, skilled worker)
I applied in the middle of July, 2004. They started processing my application in Aug. 12,2004. I´m waiting for IA.

Hang in there!!


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I applied in June (22nd) 2004 Skilled Worker Category
AOR : July 22nd 2004
IA & Medical Forms : March 5th 2005.

So you are about to get/hear from CIC soon. If your file is OK than IA will be in next week or so



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hi guys!!

CIC Buffallo, for sure gonna let you know abt IA from 7-9 months after your AOR.They would intimate you as well, if they are gonna tranfer your file to Detroit for interview/ if they are gonna give you Interview Waiver.

my time line:

May 25 , 2004 applied at CIC Buffalo
June 25, 2004 AOR
Feb 16, 2005 IA, File tranferred to Detroit, Descision for Interview made , Date for the same, not scheduled so far, its gonna take another 7-9 months for getting interview date at detroit.

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FOR NANU (in reply to: TIME LINE!!!!)
Thanks for ur sharing ur timeline....Did u get interview waived and if it is so then what documents they asked from u and when did u complete ur medicals???Are u in Canada now?Then when u did ur RCMP????please share this info.....it will be great............

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