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Subject: AOR Estimated Time
I submitted my application at end of Jan 05, received AOR with file number yesterday. However it did not state estimated number of weeks for wait time like others did. Does Anyone have simliar situation? please share your insights. Thanks.
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maybe because you applied at a different office
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I applied at Buffalo
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check it carefully ok?
it´s in bold font.

Departure Bay
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Mine doesn´t say how many weeks either. applied at the end of Jan. and got the AOR letter yesterday. I noticed the format of the letter was updated in Feb. (the bottom of the first page). Maybe that´s the reason.
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I received mine in October, dated September 30. Mine didn´t have a processing estimate either.

I applied as a skilled worker. I wonder if the processing estimates are only given for family class applicants.

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Just got my AOR applied in Jan 05, the estimated time
36 weeks , it is printed and not specific to the time
app is filed it is like an invitation letter which is same for everyone only the person it is being addressed to is mentioned on the top alongwith the file no.



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