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Subject: IELTS exam

I´ve been asked to provide evidence of english proficency. i´ve done my studies from India (Mumbai) now i´m based in NY & working as a gr. designer.

Is there a way to skip this exam. I´m already busy with work.



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it is your risk to take. you can provide written explanations how and why you are proficient in all aspects of english and hope like crazy that the immigration officer will give you the points you think you want, or you can take the exam and settle the issue right then. How confident are you about your pass mark?
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Sharon´s absolutely right. If you look at the bigger picture, it really makes more sense to take some time out
from work to do the IELTS test.

You can either take a gamble with your own assessment (and that of the evaluating officer) or take the sure-shot way to guaranteed points which will be based exclusively on your actual test performance. That is to say if you score
well overall you will be awarded exactly what´s due to you.

On the other hand, without an official test report, your own evaluation of your language skills may or may not match that of the CIC officer. You have no guarantees here.

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does that mean if you are requested to submit IETLS between AOR and IA period, then officers are not satisfied with the evidence you submited.
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Yes Departure Bay, I should think so. It obviously implies
that the CIC officer is not completely satisfied with the written evidence of language proficiency and would prefer
that the individual also submit an IELTS test report.

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well, if they asked you to do so, and you still insist to take a risk, i don´t think it worths, unless your points are so high
Departure Bay
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just go and take the exam you calm that ur english is good .. so whats the problem you wount need to study , just buy the instruction booklet or cd from the british council and view it ..
dont make urself underthe mercy of a person that got out of bed the wrong way that morning ..


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