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Subject: Plz help Sharon and other expert
  I applied for PR in July-04 and got AOR in Sept.-04 as a Bookkeeper. I have experience more than 10 years. I applied several recruiting agencies or consultants. All the say your experience is OK but you must be in Canada for the JOB. I know total process take more than 5 years. It is not easy for waiting 5 years. Now my queris is :

1) Can i came in Canada on study basis ? although i left the college 10 years ago. After that i am just Working.

2) Can i came in Canada on Caregiver work permit after completing (in future) their training running in my country (India)?

Plz. Sharon guide me , i am confused. Other Experts of this site also show me the way.

Thanks in Advance.

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You can study in Canada but tuition fees are fairly expensive for foreign students.If your study will be less than six months you will not need a student authorisation.

If you have one year work experience in the field , you can seek employment as a caregiver. You still need a work permit. I recommend you look for taking care of children, because your changes getting a job looking after disabled or old are close to nil. Look at for guidelines.

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