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Subject: IELTS requests
  Hi guys,
I am guessing that the majority of the applicants here apply for the PR without taking the IELTS (by submitting the proficiency docs etc.)
How much is the convincing power of those docs, in other words should I be surprised if they ask me (or more importantly my wife, who is at present a homemaker) to take the IELTS test or if they do not ask ?

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I believe IELTS is only needed for the principal applicant!
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Rightly said, test scores are meant to assess Principal applicants only.

I have known of both type of cases, non-English speaking friends of mine have been able to convince Visa officers and hence obtained test result waiver. On the contrary, English-born and -bred have been asked to submit test scores. I think it really depends on what the visa officer thinks about the applicant at that time. Any doubt, slightest, results in requirement of test scores!!!

Best wishes.

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