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Subject: To Mr. Sharon n Mr. Yijie/ Any Expert
  To Mr. Sharon n Mr. Yijie/ Any Expert

I had applied for Canadian Immigration in March,2001 and now got the forms for medical for all family members (wife + 3 kids under 7 yrs) and I am going to send these medicals to the Canadian High Commission in coming week.

Now the problem is that I also want to go to Saudi Arabia for about 6-8 months. Please suggest me that should i leave for Saudi Arabia or not?

My passport will be required to the Canadian High Commission or not? if required then for how long?

Would it be possible to get stamped the visa from Canadian High Commission by having a visit for a week to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.(when required)

What are the possibilities for this visit to Saudi Arabia and how can i proceed the both in parallel???

Mazhar Raja

Mazhar Raja
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After your medicals have been submitted and if there are no further concerns, you are free to go wherever you wish to go. The only thing is, once they send you a letter requesting PP, you should be able to courier/send them. If that happens when you are in Saudi Arabia, then you will be with out passport until the time they return. So, please plan and also check with Saudi Immigration if there can be serious problems as to staying withour passport although you are legal......

Best wishes

Hello Canada
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Hey there, i am in a family class sponsored by my wife.
sept-2004-appl recved in mississauga
Nov-AOR, no IA was sent to me
NOV 5- Approved and transfered to buffalo
DEc 16- started processing in Buffalo
Jan 2005- AOR
Feb 2005-letter to pay RPRF, paid and gat reciept
Feb- e-client changed to Medical results recieved
Nothing else i have heard since then.

I sent all the neccessary documents at once back in sept 2004, i mean everything, medicals,clearances, everything. what should i there anyhting wrong.

hello (in reply to: To Mr. Sharon n Mr. Yijie/ Any Expert)
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