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  i would like to inquire.i just got my pr, though i have been in canada already for almost 3 yrs as contract worker, we still need to exit the border to have the date of landing for my dilemma is i dont have US visa, is it alright to just cross the border of canada and not really go to US territory just to have my passport stamp as i dont have US visa? will the immigration officer still ask for funds? they did not require any funds when i submitted my application as i am working fulltime. i also would like to ask if my first entry in Canada though as a contract worker can be counted for me to be eligible to apply for canadian citizenzhip right away? or i have to start counting from the day I got the pr? thank you.
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I´m not sure about whether or not you can just cross the border but not go into U.S territory. I would assume that you wouldn´t have to enter the U.S and that it would be okay to just go far enough so you´d be able to go through immigration.

As for whether or not you can use your time in Canada as a worker to immediately apply for citizenship, the answer is no. The time you spent in Canada on a work visa counts as half-time (example, 2 years living in Canada with work visa = 1 year toward being eligible for citizenship). Once you land, you should call the CIC Call Centre and ask them directly when you will be eligible to apply for citizenship. The Call Centre # is 1-888-242-2100.

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thank you very much for the reply......does anybody know how long does the canadian embassy send you back your passport after they received it for visa stamping? and will they ask me for funds when i exit and re-enter the border as i have been here in canada already for 3 yrs.
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You will be asked for funds, however, if you are already employed, just have a letter from your employer stating you are employed by them, for how long, and how much you make. You´ll be ok. Yes, you will have to go to the US side, but not enter the US.
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Hi ,
I am in the same boat as far as crossing the border is concerned. I do not have a US visa. Just wondering if anyone has crossed the border since. Did you have to go to the US side and get your passport stamped and come back ? Or did you just take a U-turn and come back?
I also wanted to knwo which bridge along niagara you took for the crossing?
Thanks for your help.

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