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Subject: TIME LINE
  Does anybody knows that IA is now getting late???I recieved my AOR on AUG 10,2004 but still waiting for IA.....does any body has the same date like me who is waiting for IA??Usually from this forum I noticed that almost every person gets IA within 7/8 months who applied between in JAN-MARCH 2004??what abt others who applied in my times???please share ur ideas...........
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you asked the same question 2 days ago. Try to chill. This long process is going to kill you if you carry on this way. There is no guarantee dates or processing periods for anything. It is all relative so trying to match your application against someone else will simply make you lose your mind.
Go to yogi799.com to see other timelines (in reply to: TIME LINE)

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Be patient. Enroll your family in english classes or prepare other documentation you will need as you arrive. Since the new point system has benefited most of us, more people are applying, increasing time lines.
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My situation is almost the same as yours.
Send , July
Received ,Sept 04
AOR, Aug 04
IA? Waiting

No other way, just take it easy.

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