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Subject: Police Clearance
Hello All,

Do I need to submit the police clearance letter along with the application? One of my friend told me that we can submit the police clearance later on, after getting the letter from FBI(It will take around 60 days, the website info.).


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This has been discussed so many times before.

Usually, you have to submit the PCCs at the time of filing. Some CICs are exceptions and some of them have their own approach.

You can mail PCC later on. You should attach a seperate letter explaining the reason.

Just my opinion.

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Hi Sanrup
sounds like you know much about PCC, so can you give me an advice here
the PR guide says
"Do not request a police certificate from Hong Kong, the United States or Canada until you are instructed to do so by a visa office."
but at the same time it explains how to get them.
so.. should we wait till they ask for it, or do it in advance to save time?

thank you

question re police clearance in singapore (in reply to: Police Clearance)
hi all!

Can you advice me on this, I need to apply for a police clearance from singapore because I worked there for one year, I am now in my home country (Philippines). One of the requirements stated in the application form is a
documentary proof from foreign immigration/govt bodies or embassies to show proof that the certificate is required, what specifically is this documentary proof that they want? Would this be the Letter of Approval sent to me by Manitoba Canada - I applied under the Provincial Nominee program? If I am hesitant to send a photocopy of this document since it contains my Provincial Nominee Number.. can I present any other document?

Will very much appreciate your response.


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my mom needs a police clearance for immigration to canada..she worked in hongkong for 5 months but before she left in hongkong she leave a letter to his employer...
question is when did she send a requirements for police clearance philippines or hongkong...

Police Clearance from Hongkong (in reply to: Police Clearance)
I´ve worked for more than 5 years in Hongkong and now am here in my country Philippines. What are the requirements needed in order for me to get a police clearance in Hongkong? The immigration office in canada is asking me to get one as a requirement for my visa.
Marilou Macalinao
REGARDING PVC AND PCC (in reply to: Police Clearance)
Dear Sir,
There is a new confusion about police verification certificate and police clearance certificate.I am issued a police verification certificate from the commissioner office and they have asked us to obtain a polce clearance certifiate from Ahmedabad Passport Office. So is Police verification certificate ok for immigration or do i have to get a police clearnace certificate from regional passport office?

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Where is the address to do a request for Police Clearance in Kosovo?

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