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Subject: Medical tests
What does constitute someone being medically unfit for immigration to Canada ?
I have heard that HIV may be one case. Will diabetes prevent me from immigrating ?
Thanks for your help.

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I understand diseases/disorders socially-threatening and endangering the lives of fellow Canadians will be considered on the negative. Examples include, HIV. Tuberculosis (Active). Note only ACTIVE TB may be denied visa and active may also be categoeised as M1 M2 M3 and so if you ae M1 or M2, the door is open. So relax, do not worry a lot. And to your question, diabetes is not contagious and does not spread to another person!!!!! so you know now.

Best wishes.

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Medical tests (in reply to: Medical tests)
Each person will be looked at differently. I have heard that HIV is not solely a reason for inadmissability. It Neither is TB, but they would want it to be treated etc.
Diabetes can be a reason for medical refusal. it depends on how bad it is , if you have any other complications etc.
Every case is different, but certainly the things they seem to look at is long term treatment, future complications of any illness such as cancer, and the overall costs that would be likely over a period of years.
If your illness ( if any) would say in 5-10 years progress as such that you may be unumployable they are not going to get the skilled work force they are asking for in the end.
if you have all the sme aches and pains as the rest of us you will be OK.

patiently waiting
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can virocles deny??

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