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Subject: Typical Timelime for Buffalo
Does any one know a link on CIC buffalo website which gives a typical processing timeline for buffalo.

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Go to http://www.yogi799.com. These are real world timelines and more accurate that the official government timetables.
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i wonder how many people are required for interview in that site. Once you are required for interview,timeline can be different
depature bay
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Actually, I need the official weblink...I have a job offer and I need to provide a typical official timeline to them. I have applied to Buffalo and my interview has been waived in Nov 2004. I am waiting for the final landing papers.

Please let me know if anything is there on the official website.

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I live in the USA, applied for Canadian PR (Buffalo) in Apr 2004 under skilled worker category, and I sent in all papers, including FBI clearance. I received aknowledgement that my case started processing May 20, 2004. In December 2004, i received initial assessment waiving interview, and also they requested that i take medical exam. I took medical exam in december 18 2004. they also requested additional info (bank statement and current letter of employment), which i sent in January 5, 2005. They also asked that i could pay RPRF, which i paid in Feb 2005. till date, I haven´t heard anything back from them, including receipt of RPRF, which i already paid. Anyone know what´s happenning? In e-status, they don´t even show medical results received yet, even though i took it in December 2004. Anyone know what´s happenning, and how long I can look forward to waiting till I get the visa and land? thx!


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