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Subject: Education certificate ,FBI clearence
  I am here in US from last two years with my spouse. We are planning to apply for canadian immigration.i just wanted to know regarding the educational certificate.Should I need to send the xerox copy or attested Xerox copy of all the documents.
2. What kind of document we can submit for the english language. As I am IT professional I am dealing with english language only.
3.From where we can get the FBI clearence letter.

Please assist.
Amandeep Singh

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1) You should have transcript for you and your wife from university
2) Get photocopy of your mark sheets and Notorized from your bank
3) FBI clearance is not needed now, can be sent later
4) English - you should have IELTS result

English language (in reply to: Education certificate ,FBI clearence)
If I got a letter from my Employer that all the work Which I am doing right now need only English as Language.Is that letter from employer is good enough as IELTS result.
Please assist.
Amandeep Singh

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