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Subject: Evidence of French abilities
  My native language is English, as I am American. I know I am to write a letter explaining that. However, I am also a French teacher, have a BA in French, the DELF, but don´t feel like driving to Chicago to take the Canadian preferred test to show my ability. I don´t have to have the points to attain the magic number, but wish to obtain as many as possible to just be safe. Would a letter from a fellow French speaking (Belgian) teacher at my school attesting to my abilities help? Also, should that letter be written in French or Enlgish?
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I would write a letter in french explaining your abilities. I would also provide a translation along with your transcript showing your academic standing in your french courses.
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get a letter from school where you teach detailing what class you teach and what. Also attatch a copy of your syllabus (with detail of what you teach, books you use and method of teaching).

Hopefully this may help you aviod an interview.

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keep in mind you are claiming points for a second language. keep it in mind in terms of your total points and put as much energy as you think is necessary to cement your 67-70 points.
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Thank you all for your advice.
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