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Subject: Medical&Police Certficates
  Applied for canada immigration under skilled worker category from bufalo(indian citizen)and got file number in august2003.Got papers from bufalo for medicals.They said dont send any information till we notify.Not yet recieved date for interview.Should i go for medical test now or after getting interview dates?What about police clearence cert?I was in middle east and europe for couple of years before coming USA!should i apply for police cert now or after interview?Where can i get info,how to apply police cert?

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1) Don´t do medicals unless instructed. Medicals are valid for one year
2) You have to submit the PCCs at the time of filing, but if you can´t provide then you can attach a letter along with the application stating the reason
3) There are certain countries exempted for PCC. Related CHC office will obtain PCC on behalf of you. For all other countries in which you and your dependants lived for atleast 6 months then it is applicant´s scope to obtain PCC

Hope this helps.

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Thank alot sanrup.
Is oman and UK comes under exempted for PCC.If not can you please tell me where can i get the information to get PCC for these countries.When should i send these PCC to Counsalate?will they ask me or should i send them directly?

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For Sultanat of Oman:
Send an application to the Directorate General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, Royal Oman Police P.O.Box 446, postcode 113, Sultanate of Oman.
1. A letter from the applicant.
2. Two photographs (4 x 4)
3. Copy of the passport including pages of previous residence stamp during the applicant?s residence in Oman .
4. Original fingerprints, if available.
5. The fee of this certificate is three Omani Rials (RO 3) or its equivalence in US dollars if you send your request through official channels i.e. through your embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , and RO 3.600 or its equivalence if you send your request by ordinary mail .

Payment should be made by draft cheque payable to Royal Oman Police, Account # 06-150031-01, Oman International Bank, Qurum Branch .

For UK
Hit this link -

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sanrup,

I have a similar situation, I lived a couple of years in Dubai, UAE and I´m currently in USA.
Do you know how to get a PCC from UAE.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Anil,

If you have filed through Buffalo RPC, then it is not your scope to provide PCC. Buffalo RPC understands that the person who is not a resident of UAE will not be able to obtain PCC.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks! I also think the same line but who knows.

If Any one else has experience such a case please share with me.


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Hi Anil,

Just try these links -

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Hi guys
I understand that we should wait for them to ask for medical. but could you wait a while after application and send it to them without waiting for a request, just to save some time?

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i did the interivew in abudabi i have passed in 22 of novmember 2004 they said that i will recieve the medical form in from 6 to 8 weeks its now more than 4 months i didnot get anything so any body could plz help me.. or explain why is this delation
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Excuse me,Can anyone advise what to do?or how to start?because am so confused from where can i begin? I am egyptian and after 6 months i will be graduated from faculty of medicine and i wanna do mccqe and i wanna know what should i do step by step please??????