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Subject: Interview waived?

I noticed some of you say your interview was waived. Any ideas waht makes the balance tilt in favor of a waiver for the interview? Do I have to request it being waived or is that a decision the Canadian Immigration officer makes regardless of whether there is a request or not?


PS: this is a great forum. Really glad I found it!!

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Please don´t request the interview to be waived...they make the decision...if you request it to be waived, they will likely ask you for an interview. They make all the decisions, not you. Your job is to wait and be patient.

If you application is in good order and it is straight forward, you may not need an interview. It is all up to the Immigration officer in charge of your case.

Good luck

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Sometime visa officers change their mind..
There was a guy who waited several months for an interview, then they waived it
they may have decided that he has been in canada for so lond studying/working, so he should have no problem

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