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Subject: The extend of notorizing....

Do I need to get the following ´official´ documents notorized?:

1. Photocopies of edu degrees (I have the grade transcipts in university sealed envelops)

2. Letters of reference from my previous employers?

3. proof of funds: can I send the most recent, original bank statement I have as proof of fund? ( i would keep a photocopy for my records, but send in the original)? or does that need to be notorized as well?

4. Employement contracts: I am confused about this. They need to be notorized as well? So, I make a photocopy of the original and get that notorized?



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1) for your education send the original ones in the sealed envelope form the university .
2)ref. letters send photocopies without notorization .
3)bank statment . go to ur bank and ask them for a bank statment adressed to the canadian embassy in ( the country you are in )make it the last step before submitting your papers .without the notorization step .
4)conracts dont need as well .

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