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Subject: Obtaining Canadian Landed immigrant
  Hi I am a Canadian who went to Australia in 1968 and while there I married an Australian and adopted a baby boy.. In July of 1971 I returned to my homeland Canada, I had my own passport and I applied for a passport for my infant son who was 9 months old at the time. He was granted a passport. We arrived in Vancourver in July of 1971 and when we landed in Vancouver they stamped his passport as landed immigrant. They also told me he did not have to apply for a canadian citizenship as he is a landed immigrant and thus is now a canadian.

Now my question to you is this, is he today a canadian citizen or an Australian?, I realize that he is a natural Australian by birth, but if he has been living in Canada all these years does he require a citizen ship card if he wants to travel to the states or not? or for that matter anywhere else outside of Canada, what does he do in a situation like this?

I told him he was a canadain because he landed here as immigrant when he was months old and that his stamped passport was proof of that.

So could some one please give me an answer to this question as to whether he is canadain or Australian or both.
Mrs. M Duhamel

M Duhamel
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Travel to a foreign country is regulated by that country. In the case of the USA, they need to see your citizenship card. Other countries may need a passport and maybe a visa. Call the CIC on 1 888 242-2100 for guidance on getting a cizenship card and passport for your son
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Canada does allow dual citizenship so he can be a Canadian and Australian as well at the same time.
However, if he did not get the Canadian passport he is still a landed immigrant and he can loose Canadian citizenship.
It would be better for him to obtain Canadian passport and that way be more protected in addition be able to vote.

Good luck.

Sister Mona
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I have lived in Canada for almost 30 years. I have a British Passport and I have Landed Immigrant Status. My British Passport expired years ago and I´m not sure if it´s easier to become a Canadian Citizen (I did all my schooling in Canada) or should I renew my British Passport(How do I go about that). Which way would be easiest and quickest.

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How long do you have to live in Canada before you can apply for Landed Immigrant Status if you are Armenian?
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