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Subject: PR card in Canada
I am a landed immigrant in canada i want to visit the u.s; i have a u.s visa but i don´t have my PR card is there a ploblem for me to renter canada
PR - no problem (in reply to: PR card in Canada)
Hi Paul,
There is no problem at all, I was doing the same several times. Just make sure that you have your landed immigrant with you.

Have a good trip

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yap, me too. I went to USA few times, different places, I drove and I flew. No problems what so ever.

Have fun on your trip :)

Urgent help (in reply to: PR card in Canada)
hello...i landed in canada on 2000 and was outta thgere on 2001,now i wanan go and settle there for good..i have my SIN card and i have to collect my pr card.i went thru a lawyer and awaiting to hear from the canadian authorities for the same for collection of my pr card in i have chances of getting it or i have to re-apply all over again.can anybdy help me?? am worried..have spent a lot on the migration...
PR card in Canada (in reply to: PR card in Canada)

My wife will arrive to Canada and become a landed immigrant on the July 16, I planed a surprise honeymoon trip to Cuba on 18, 18 (after two days from the arrival day), the problem I have is that my tickets are not refundable.

Personally I am a Canadian, but my question to you is what you think will happen if we came back to Canada without a PR card for my wife

PR card in Canada (in reply to: PR card in Canada)
i hoop to go to canada thks.
wleed akroush
work (in reply to: PR card in Canada)
i hop to liv & work in canada thanks
wleed akroush

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