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Subject: January 2001 Immigration Application
I have applied in Jan-2001, and in Dec-03 i received a letter for IELTS, I have submited the same but yet not received any reply. Any idea that when the entire process will be finished ? Is their any way to know the file status, other than CIC site ?

Sunil Jani
Get CAIPS (in reply to: January 2001 Immigration Application)

I suggest you should order your CAIPS notes at www.caipsnotes.com

Only CAIPS notes can give you an idea about the delay in your case.


(in reply to: January 2001 Immigration Application)
It is indeed very tormenting for one to keep waiting sometimes endlessly even though you have passed on your updated documents etc.The CIC has become nototrious for taking long long times to process or take decision.Obviously the longer they take to make a decision the bigger the backlog becomes.Only if they knew how much time and money an applicant has invested in the CIC process.Three years is a long time to take a decision considering even with all the computers that they have.Another tormenting fact is that no matter how many letters you send to the embassy you would never receive a reply and if you phone the embassy you would never get to talk to a human being only taped messages.Don´t we have a right to talk to a visa officer?All these answers remain unanswered.I share your feelings and know it is very painful to keep waiting months no end.
M Zulqarni

M Zulqarni
Processing Method is the Worst (in reply to: January 2001 Immigration Application)
The file processing method is the worst, and it is making delay the future of almost 80% applicants. They have no rights to play with someone´s life.

Sunil Jani
Delay in file processing (in reply to: January 2001 Immigration Application)


I´ve also same kind of feelings becuase i´m waiting since 03 years

Applied March 2001 Islamabad



File status (in reply to: January 2001 Immigration Application)


I have applied in Jun-2001 in new Delhi. I receive a letter for submission IELTS score sheet by I didn?t submitted IELTS score sheet till now. Now I am going to exam IELTS. Some body told me that for a long time gap your application may be rejected or not please inform them and you know what is the status of your application. Could you please tell me what is the actual situation of my application.

Syed Md. Auranghajeb

Syed Md. Auranghajeb

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