Who would like to be loved?

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Subject: Who would like to be loved?
  My name is Rose, I´m from Russia. I want to meet with serious
and careful man.

Recently, i have taken advantage by services Marriage agency
www.mylady.info . And has placed my profile in their VIPcatalogue.

I shall be very glad to your letters:) it´s possible, your letter i so wait!
My ID 1321 in this site.
By the way, all letters are delivered in my address free-of-charge from pages of VIPcatalogue.

For the first time in my life i used by service of marriage agency.
I hope very much, that it will be the beginning of a new happy life.


You are Idiot (in reply to: Who would like to be loved?)
Idiot, this is not a love forum, this is for the users who want to know something and clear their doubts, you are not suppose to misuse it.


Right (in reply to: Who would like to be loved?)
That is right Anar,
Rose, this is not a place for your advertisments.

Amanda G.
(in reply to: Who would like to be loved?)
Didn´t the forum rules say that irrelevant posts would be deleted at the click of a button...?
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