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Subject: Marriage after interview
Does any body know if someone get marry after the interview and after sending his medical result for final processes, he should announce his marriage immediately to Canadian Embassy/Consulate to start his wife process or he can wait to obtain his own visa and then apply for his wife?

Not needed to reaply after marriage (in reply to: Marriage after interview)
Well, you can just inform the Canadian authorities about your marriage. You don´t need to reapply but since you got married they will just approve your current application much easier. Since they know if you don´t get approval at this point you will apply as a married person and you will then get visa for sure.
Contact your visa office ASAP (in reply to: Marriage after interview)

It is very important that you let the visa office know of your marriage as soon as possible, as this addition to your application will, undoutedly, cause a delay in your application´s processing. Your spouse will need to undergo a medical exam and security clearance. These delays may also cause your medical exam to expire (medicals are only valid for 12 months), thus forcing the officer to request that you undergo further examination.

If you fail to notify them of your marriage prior to the visa office finalizing your application, your spouse will not be able to accompany you to Canada as a permanent resident. Consequently, you will need to settle in Canada and then apply for a spousal sponsorship under the Family Class program. Typically, government processing of FC applications require 8 to 12 months to complete.

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