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Subject: Leave France to Canada for 1 year

I´am currently living in France near Paris. I was allowed by the canadian Embassy to work in Canada for 1 year. I mean, I got a working visa. My goal is to communicate with canadian people and come into contact with the Culture. I planed to go first in Montreal and then in Toronto, Ottawa; find a job to earn few bucks and improve my English skills.
It will be the opportunity to improve your French skills or to learn french if you want to.
I am waiting for your points of view about Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver for exemple.

See you. A bient?t.


Can you guide me (in reply to: Leave France to Canada for 1 year)

Can you kindly guide me how you got working visa, I have been to Canada and want to apply for working visa. What is the procedure for that.

Am waiting for your reply.

Take Care Buddy.

(in reply to: Leave France to Canada for 1 year)
Hi Jason,

Just have a look on the site of France Embassy in Canada. You will see the procedure to get a work permit, there´s a form :

I´m about to leave for South-England. So I´m not sure to reply, you could let a message. Let me know about your application.

Good luck! Bonne chance!


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