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Subject: Islamabad Applicants
Applied Islamabad Oct 2001.Others around this period please join to share ideas,experiences and timelines.This is to assist all those waiting in line from Islamabad.

M Zulqarni
(in reply to: Islamabad Applicants)
It took me almost 2 years before I received it.
But I heard some people got it much faster.

Islamabad Applicant (in reply to: Islamabad Applicants)
I applied for my brother 2 yrs ago. No response yet.
(in reply to: Islamabad Applicants)
I have applied in august 2001 and havev not recieved anything yet so this rasolzadeh class suit is there to make things much worse.I am desparate to do soemting about it...Please help if someone can...
Waiting for immigration (in reply to: Islamabad Applicants)
yasmeen iqbal here. I have applied for canadian immigration onsept.8,2001. till today i did not recieve any responce from them accept one letter which i have answered
quickly, what should i do.

Waiting for visa despite of interviewed on 20th Nov (in reply to: Islamabad Applicants)
I was interviewed on 20th November.The counceler said your file ok and gave me GREEN PAPER and advised me to go and. wait. It is now more than 3Months NO REPLY has been receion.Please help
ghafoor nigar

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